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A lover of chocolate since he was a child, Hermann Zuccatti today carries on a tradition of excellence that has been the pride of his native country and the satisfaction of many a discriminating consumer. Born in Zurich, Switzerland, Hermann Zuccatti inherited his father’s passion, beginning his career in the family business before studying pastry, candy and chocolate making. This master chocolatier practiced his craft in Switzerland for a few years before leaving to conquer North American taste buds. 

Upon arrival in Quebec in 1967, he worked for large chocolate businesses until 1989 when he took the sweet plunge and opened his own boutique on Grande-Côte Road in Rosemere. The success of Chocolats Suisses was immediate, producing all types of high quality treats daily, including chocolate truffles, ganache and roasted almond, much to the delight of his customers.

The success of the business has been solidly established thanks to the know-how of this master chocolatier and his team as well as the quality of the ingredients they use. Proud of integrating local products such as maple and blueberries to the menu, Hermann Zuccatti insists on maintaining the natural flavour and aroma of chocolate in his products. Using fresh cream and unsalted butter, his exquisite chocolates contain neither preservatives nor artificial flavours nor alcohol.

Personalized service for weddings and corporate gifts.

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